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Apartment check

  • Checking and airing of your apartment once a month
  • Turning your electric and water on or off before arrival and after leaving your apartment

Apartment Rental

  • Renting out your apartment for you
  • Looking after your best interests, with the interest of your tenant in mind

Payment services

  • Proper payment of your expenses in Alanya each month
  • Expences like electric, water, telephone, internet, taxes and insurance

Buying furniture

  • Assistance in the process of buying furniture for your apartment
  • Assistance while buying white goods and brown goods
  • We have partners in the furniture business who can offer you nice discounts

Online System

  • Access to your own account with a full overveiw
  • View all payments from/to your deposit account
  • Overview of your balance


  • Translation of all your offical and private documents by our official sworn translator
a young man in suit in his office showing an insurance policy and pointing with a pen where the policyholder must to sign


  • Assistance for the insurance of your apartment in Alanya
  • Contact with the insurance company on your behalf

Other services

  • Key storage
  • Rental car at a good price
  • Cleaning of your apartment before arriving
  • Application for you residence permit in Alanya
  • Creation of a testament
  • Opening of a bankaccount

Technical services

  • Repairation and renovation of your apartment
  • Assistance in case you need a carpenter, plumber or electrician
  • Checking of technical installations
  • Installation of TV and internet
  • Assistance with issues related to television, internet and more


  • The needed legal help during legislative procedures

Doctor and hospital

  • Arranging of doctor´s help if needed

Title Deed

  • Fixing of the Turkish title deed (tapu) on your behalf
  • Getting a living permission (iskan)
  • Start your electric- and water subscription in Alanya