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Free valuation when you are going to or considering selling your home


Why take a valuation?

A valuation gives you a realistic picture of how much your home is worth. This means that you avoid getting a surprise when you have to sell your home.

What is a property valuation?

A valuation of the home is simply an indicator of what price your home could have been sold for, if you had put it up for sale.

Based on, among other things, sales data for the area your home is in, the condition of the home, its size, demand in the area, knowledge, experience as well as the ongoing common expenses related to the home, you can arrive at an estimate of the market value of your home and what it could become sold for in today’s market.

How do you go about getting a free valuation?

The first step is to order a valuation, either by submitting the “order valuation” form or by sending an email to:

Time / date of the valuation.

You enter the desired time / day / month. For the valuation, we will do our utmost to meet your wishes. If you cannot be present yourself, we will also find a solution in accordance with this.

Inspection of the property

One of our representatives in ScanGroup Homes will visit the home to form a picture of the home and obtain the necessary information.

The assessment

The broker then sets a suggested price based on the inspection, statistical data, knowledge of the local market and selling price for similar homes. The asking price indicates what the home could be sold for in today’s market.

During the inspection, you will receive an estimated price from us for what we think your home can be sold for in today’s market.

Cost and commitment

This valuation is 100% non-binding and completely free. No further process is prohibited as long as you do not wish to use ScanGroup Homes in a sales process as your broker for your home.

If you wish to use ScanGroup Homes as your broker

A contract is then drawn up which gives ScanGroup Homes permission to sell their home. We will present the home to our interest list, our partners and other channels in order to show the home on the market and obtain a good price for our customers.

A valuation is about determining the home’s assumed value in the housing market. What the home is worth depends on the market value – i.e. what the buyers are willing to pay for it.