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ScanGroup Homes is a Turkish registered Real Estate and construction company. We have a lot of experience when it comes to real estate in Turkey: One of the Turkish partners in our company has run projects and construction companies for many years and has high quality properties to show for. Our other Turkish partner has worked in the tourist business for more than ten years. As for the Norwegian part of the company, they have more than 5 years experience with customers as salesrepresentatives and as owners of a company. During the last three years they have been to Turkey more than 50 times. The Turkish real estate market is a market well known by everyone within the company.

ScanGroup Homes has opened a new office in Alanya in march 2007. It is located in Oba, 3km from the centre of Alanya. There is English speaking staff at the office at all times. Here we take care of your property purchase and organize your paperwork like insurances, etc. In our office our customers are free to use the computer, while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea.