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Property purchase in Turkey – Scangroup Homes

Many people are seriously considering buying property abroad.. Now you have the chance to make that dream come true and make a great investment while doing so. The Turkish property market has raised sky high over the last years.

ScanGroup Homes Ltd can offer its expertise in cooperation with large and serious construction companies and offer you a great knowledge about the Turkish property market thanks to more than ten years of experience.

We handpick only the best building projects for our customers, which again will assure them we deliver only great Service, Safety and Quality. ScanGroup Homes Ltd delivers what every unique buyer requires buying property in Turkey.

We want to make sure that our customers have a pleasant and safe experience buying at a formerly unknown foreign residence market.

ScanGroup Homes Ltd.

At the time the real estate company was established in 2006, we allready had years of experience from sales and constructions in Turkey. ScanGroup Homes Ltd has its own sales and service office in Alanya, with English speaking staff present at all times. We also offer you service packages, to assure you we take care off your property while you are at home. Representatives from our company will guide you safely through the paperwork following the purchase and make sure that your title deed is quality checked. In case you buy a new property which is unfinished at the moment the contract is signed, we will keep track off the buildingprocess and inform you along the way. At the time the property is finished we help to check if everything is in order. If needed we also accompany you to buy furniture, etc. We take care of all paperwork towards the Turkish government and insurance company, so you can use all your energy for moving into your brand new apartment in Alanya.

Our number one priority is for you to be pleased and feel safe, and we will do the utmost to make this happening. We look forward to showing you around in the beautiful city of Alanya and its surrounding areas. With our local knowledge of those areas, we believe it to be very important to give you all the necessary guidance.

Annually expenses

The possession of property in Turkey is much cheaper than the ownership of the average property in Western Europe. The yearly expenses on a Turkish apartment are usually between 600 and 800 euro, depending on the size of the apartment. This includes public expenses like electricity, water, renovation, tax, insurance and other expenses.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Turkey is very low compared to Western Europe: Fruit, vegetables, other food and clothes are much cheaper in Turkey. Estimating 250 euro a month including your yearly expenses will provide you of a good living standard.

Cost of purchase

The costs in Turkey are very low when it comes to property purchase. Usually you will pay about 2500 euro on purchase costs in addition to the price for the property. These are notary and paperwork expenses, costs made for your water and electricity connection, property tax, sworn interpreter costs, judicial help, iskan (residence certificate) and administration costs.


Loan in Turkish banks is rarely sanctioned for foreign customers, and even if the possibility is there it is not advisable due to extremely high interest rates. The best thing to do is to contact your bank at home and borrow on your property in your own country. ScanGroup Homes Ltd. has financial partners in several countries.

Showing trips

ScanGroup Homes Ltd offers more than just a traditional showing trip: our representatives organize a guided tour for our customers on request. Contact us per e-mail (this e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, please enable your JavaScript to view it) or telephone +90 242 514 4232 – fax +90 242 514 4233